Ken Fisher

Image0056(1)Ken Fisher undertook his shamanic studies with The Sacred Trust, one of the foremost providers of training in practical shamanism. He has also trained as a Natural Change facilitator using the approach pioneered by the WWF’s Natural Change Project.

Ken is a Gestalt therapist with a private practice in psychotherapy, supervision and shamanic healing. He has been doing group and individual work in Edinburgh since 1989. He also teaches Tai Chi Chuan and is a counselling skills trainer.

A gifted and sensitive therapist and entertaining teacher, his humour and warmth assists participants to develop their awareness of themselves and the mysterious and wonderful world of which they are part. He has inherited a great love of Scottish history, myth and legend from his father who was in charge of the Glasgow Room at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

He also has a wealth of knowledge in many different (and often obscure!) areas as well as a wonderful talent for simplifying complex ideas.

Simonetta Logan

simonettaloganSimonetta is a shamanic practitioner and like Ken, completed her shamanic training with The Sacred Trust. She has been in full time clinical practice as a bodyworker and trauma therapist since 1993. With Ken she founded the School of Holistic Therapy in 2000.

Her discovery of shamanism while training in shamanic practice with The Sacred Trust led to an extraordinary personal experience of physical healing. She works within the Path of Pollen, a shamanic tradition which works with the honey bee and the hive. She is a weaver of stories and a creator of atmospheres.

Simonetta’s teaching is informed by her connection with spirit as well as by the knowledge and experience of the many people she has had the privilege of assisting and working with over the years.

Morag McDonald

DSC00645Morag McDonald is an experienced group facilitator who has worked with many different groups over the past 25 years. Her own healing journey has encompassed an exploration of many paths including Gestalt psychotherapy, NLP, Shamanism and Native American spirituality.

Since completing a year-long shamanic training with Simon Buxton of the Sacred Trust in 2003 Morag has co-facilitated Transformation through the Spiral of the Seasons workshops with Ken Fisher, Simonetta Logan and Joe Ferguson as well as carrying out shamanic healings for individuals.

With a long-standing love of wild places and a growing interest in the Gaelic language and song tradition of her ancestors, Morag has recently returned to the Scottish Highlands where she now makes her home. Morag brings creativity and compassion to her work helping people to find their own healing path.