Kilmartin Glen

12-14 October 2012

IMG_0439-1In this workshop participants will be introduced to the skills, discipline and art of Middle World journeying so that they can follow their own quest into Kilmartin Glen.

The Glen is a place of natural power, with a finely worked tapestry of interwoven energies and power spots. The Glen is a ceremonial complex where people and spirit have interacted for over 6,000 years. There are at least 350 ancient monuments within six miles of the village, of which around 150 are prehistoric. They include burial cairns, rock carvings, and standing stones, as well as the remains of the fortress of the Scots at Dunadd.

Where we will stay

We will stay at Ford House, a lovely small hotel in Ford Village. Breakfast and a packed lunch will be provided by Ford House, and we will eat together at local restaurants around Kilmartin.

What we will do

We start with a session of orientation, guidance and practice in the art and discipline of journeying to meet the spirits of the land. We then travel down the Glen visiting power spots including stone circles, cairns, carved rocks and holy caves. Each participant will be on their personal journey of inner and outer exploration within the companionship of the group and the guidance of the leaders. We will finish with a session of story telling to aid the transformation and insights gained over the weekend to take root and grow when we return to our homes.

Dates: Friday 12 – Sunday 14 October 2012
Place: Ford House and Kilmartin Glen
Fee: £350 includes all food, transport, accommodation
Maximum Number: 12