“I attended weekend workshops that celebrated the seasons and Mother Earth, I was introduced to “The Sweat lodge” and being one with nature.

I was asked the other day what I got out of it, well, so much, it’s difficult to list. Firstly, the amazing feeling of community, being part of something, a family, a tribe. Due to my anxiety I had become very alone, be that physically or mentally, I was so afraid of so many things it had stopped me doing anything, every thing/occasion was a challenge, I had kept these fears to myself for so long, some I didn’t even know where they had materialised from.

With the nurturing support of my tribe, my spirit guides, my ancestors I have been able to face my fears in a safe and trusting environment, challenge them and eliminate them. I have learned that it’s OK to be vulnerable and not be judged by it, I’ve learned to trust myself, people and the Universe.

I appreciate and celebrate the Universe I am part of, don’t get me wrong, I’m not there yet, there are occasions when I can still feel alone, vulnerable…………but then I try to remember and visualise I am nestled in the arms of Mother Nature. No need to feel alone or afraid.”


“I have attended a number of workshops and weekend retreats run by Ken and Simonetta. I have always enjoyed their practical and simple approach to working with journey work – connecting with the natural world and the spirit world. They are always well run and meticulously planned.

The most rewarding experiences are when – encouraged by Ken and Simonetta – I learn to let go – not to worry or try to control things. What will happen happens – not because I will it to happen but more because I learn to allow it to happen and I believe in myself and whatever comes to me.

Ken and Simonetta complement each other in their approaches and Ken is an absolute treasure trove of stories and traditions that have been handed down through the years and the history of the land. Simonetta has overcome tremendous challenges in her life and usually shares her depth of knowledge and experiences with the group.

I have always experienced lovely energy from both of them and I will certainly be continuing my personal journey with them both in the future . . . this is my story.”